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Sebastiano Di Rienzo was born in Capracotta (IS), which is famous for being the "town of tailors". His passion for fashion began when he was only a boy and began to work as an apprentice for Giovanni Borrelli, the most well-known tailor in town.

At a very young age, when he was slightly older than a boy, he went off to work in Rome. At the age of nineteen he was already working for the famous "Valentino" atelier and one year later he was promoted to pattern maker/cutter for the world-renowned Maison.

Mr. Di Rienzo opened his own dressmaker's shop in Rome at the age of twenty-three and broadened his working experience by attending fashion and costume designer courses. He also collaborated with the monthly magazine entitled "Tutto Motori", writing a regular page on fashion and lifestyle.

During that period he tailored the costumes for different films starring famous actors; consequently Mr. Di Rienzo was awarded recognitions both at a national and an international level.

In 1973 he participated in his first International Custom-Made Clothing Conference in London and in 1976 he was nominated member of the Accademia Nazionale dei Sartori (National Academy of Tailors). In the matter of a few years, Sebastiano Di Rienzo became one of its Councillors and a member of the teaching staff. Since then he has been participating in international fashion meetings, in addition to International Custom-Made Clothing Conferences in London, Rome, New York, Barcelona, Athens, Valencia, Paris, etc.

His clothes have proceeded down international and Italian catwalks, first and foremost in Rome where he continues his work in his own atelier/design and style studio.

During the early 1980s, one of his ready-to-wear Haute Couture lines was sold under the trademark "COATS CAPRA". In addition to the Italian market, it was also sold on the German one and beyond European boundaries - both in Kuwait and in Japan.

In 1982, together with other couturiers from the Italian fashion sector, he was rewarded with the Knight of the Republic decoration by President Sandro Pertini.

From 1986 to date he is a member of the teaching staff in the European Institute of Design, Private University of Fashion in Rome.

Sebastiano Di Rienzo is the author of design and construction of models texts, which have also been adopted abroad. These include "La Tecnica della Moda", "Professione Moda" and "La Moda nell'Industria". The latter publication underlines his interest for the study of design and construction of models applied to industrial production.

Since 1994 Mr. Di Rienzo has been holding the position as Vice-President (that of President from 2000 to 2003) of the prestigious National Academy of Tailors.

In 1996 his hometown of Capracotta, in order to celebrate his fortieth anniversary in the world of fashion, organized a "fashion show-event" with the most significant items of his career and with the participation of Anna Valle, who was Miss Italia at the time. During the event, the spot in which it took place was given the name "Largo dei Sartori" (Tailors Square) in tribute to tailors and dressmakers the world over.

In 1997 Di Rienzo presented a collection of classical and innovative gowns both for the Academic and Forensic environments, with some proposals for the European Court of Strasbourg.

In 1999 in the city of Kraków (Poland), the "Scena Illustrata" magazine (a periodical specialized in politics, lifestyle, culture art and fashion) awarded him with the "Best of the Year" prize.

During the Tianjin Italian Lifestyle Festival held in China in 2002 and organized in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Rome and the local Town Council, Mr. Di Rienzo participated in the "Made in Italy Exhibition" as President of the National Academy of Tailors. During the same event he participated in the final fashion show and in the "Gregorio Luzzi Competition", which was organized for the first time in this Land of the Orient, to place in the limelight and reward the emerging talents in the field of custom-made clothing. Then came the collaboration with the Tianjin Garment Association, testified by the undersigning of a "Letter of Intent" and by further meetings aimed at the foundation of a local "School for the design and construction of models and for sewing" (with Italian teachers who are experts in this sector) encouraging cultural exchange between the two countries on the subject.

During the official accompanying events of the 2006 "Alta Roma Alta Moda", he presented his book entitled "Moda" manualità tecnica e illustrazioni, published by De Luca Editori D'Arte, with parallel texts both in English and Chinese.

On 18 April 2006, Sebastiano Di Rienzo was nominated non-resident Professor at the "Tianjin Polytechnic University" in China.
He extensively travels to the Orient, especially to China, where he is represented by an agent who supervises his company image and promotes its trademark.

In 2007, and again published by De Luca Editori D'Arte, his last book entitled "FILO"SOFIA DELL'ABITO - La maestria artigianale per filo e per segno" was issued.

On 20 October 2007, the Shaanxi Costume Art College in Xi'an conferred him with the title of Honourary Dean. A style laboratory was named after Mr. Di Rienzo, where the study of Western fashion will be pursued.

He presently holds the position of General-Secretary of the International Federation of Tailors, in addition to being the foreign delegate of the National Academy of Tailors itself.

The most significant pieces from his collection are preserved within his personal archives in Capracotta.