When he makes his items of clothing, Sebastiano Di Rienzo not only dresses but is also capable of furnishing the body: he uses his experience made up of skill, artisanship, sensibility and care for the materials, forms and conduct utilized.

His clothes are capable of making the most of the body and enhancing the figure, infusing character and prestige to those who wear them and thus becoming the reflection of a form of lifestyle and thought: the linearity, the grace of the volumes, the sober elegance of the lines, rigorously proportionate and balanced as they blend together and reach a perfect synthesis in harmony with the body itself.

In summary, his articles (where every single detail is taken care of, using only the most carefully selected materials) always represent respect for the past, the best taste of the present and curiosity for the future.

Therefore clothing that inspires delight, elegance and romance both on the national and international runways.


Elegance means putting together some signs that are musical and aesthetical notes.
Each person is an original score: the various signs, the time and rhythm of execution make every person unique (or a trivial copy). (Francesco Schianchi)